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Brave the Remnants Of A Ruined Realm

Otu, a humble warrior monk, is still in training when he is thrust into a deeply emotional journey of self-discovery. He is forced to master himself, and his powers, fast.

All of the great masters have fallen, leaving Otu alone to heal the dying world… Beyond the borders of his quiet ashram lies a splintered planet filled with powerful creatures, cunning traps, hidden lore and ominous trials.

You Will Be Tested

Veil of Maia is a classic, story driven Metroidvania adventure spread across a gorgeous non-linear interwoven world. You will have to move quickly to outrun fear and discover powerful new abilities to uncover new paths.

Hack and slash, cast spells, and use telekinetic powers to carve through hordes of disillusioned creatures and weave your way through dozens of demanding hand crafted trials.

You Must Hurry

Master tightly tuned controls to overcome epic fast-paced boss battles. Explore the wilds to uncover ancient secrets, allowing you to conquer Fear itself.

Fail, and the Veil of Maia will consume you too!


Press Kit Coming Soon!

Veil of Maia is being developed in Ontario, Canada by Sasquatch B Studios.

We are a husband and wife team that jumped head first into full time game development.

We quit our jobs, sold our house and put everything we've got into making our dreams a reality (we really did)!

We are fully committed to developing Veil of Maia as well as an in-depth biweekly devlog so that you can watch it all come to life with us!

Brandon is in charge of all things code. He handles things like game mechanics, programming character and enemy behaviour, and building menu systems. He is also the face of our Devlog series, writes the game story, helps with marketing, and much much more.

Nikki is in charge of all things art. She handles character and enemy design, environments and assets, as well as animations. She also works behind the scenes as our video editor, website designer, social media manager and more. Also, she likes sloths.

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